Soleil Web Solutions

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Rebecca Wilson : Creative Director

A veteran of the Internet glory days, Rebecca has been building web pages for six years. She integrates design chops with experience creating and maintaining successful websites. She works with Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash. Her current obsessions are CSS/XHTML and accessibility.

Jordan Goodall : Technology Specialist

While majoring in Computer Science, her strong background and interests in the arts and literature form guiding points for her fundamental design principles: software should be intuitive, unobtrusive, useful without overwhelming, aesthetically pleasing, and provide a consistent experience. Software is designed for the user, yet far more than direct functionality alone dictates whether software is actually useable, and in turn useful. Her principle web design languages of choice are PHP, SQL, XML, XHTML/HTML,  and CSS. She is also versed in C/C++, Perl, Java, Javascript, and other languages less directly applicable for internet development. Due to the issues arising from software interaction and compositing, most of her hypertext editing for automated server-side generation is done by hand through color coded editors such as those available through Amaya, HomeSite, phpED, and similar IDEs offering direct editing capabilities.

Erica Steverson : Project Manager

In charge of marketing, accounting and customer services, she handles all business aspects of the firm. Prior to forming Soleil Web Solutions, she spent time working for a law firm where she gained the organizational skills needed for her position. In addition, she has a background in web design and programming and understands the fundamental issues involved in both. Her web languages are HTML, JavaScript and PHP and generally prefers to code by hand.