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Website Critique Service

For our visitors who already have a website, we are happy to offer a new critique service. Our critiques cover more than just the visual aspect of your website. We focus on how your website can better achieve your goals, delving into issues of usability, search engine optimization, content presentation, in addition to the visual effectiveness of the design.

Basic Critique

Our basic critique service provides a starting point for increasing the effectiveness of your website, giving you an overview of what works with your website as well as suggestions for improvement.

In-depth Critique

Our in-depth critique service is very extensive, not only giving you a thorough review of your website, but also proposing workable strategies for improvement. Essentially, it functions as a blueprint for renovating your website. We present the information in a user friendly and organized format with full explanations of the concepts we discuss, as well as a comprehensive list of resources for further research. You will recieve a comprehensive website critique, covering usability, design, promotion, branding, and any other topic of concern to you.


This is a great opportunity to receive expert advice with no obligation at an affordable price. Our basic critique service is a bargain at $50, but the real steal is our in-depth critique: priced at only $200. Even better, these costs can be applied against any design or promotion work from Soleil Web Solutions.

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